Taekwondo Dobok & Ti

Taekwondo Dobok

Dobok is the Taekwondo uniform. Do means “way” and bok means “clothing.” Taekwondo Dobok consists of pants, top and Ti (belt). Except for the Ti, the pants and top is white in color. The reason why the color of Taekwondo uniform is white is to symbolize the purity of the martial art. All trainees should wear the same Taekwondo uniform in order to better express their technique and individuality.

The jacket of the Taekwondo uniform has two sides, the left side represents Yanggi and the right side represents Umgi. Yanggi represents the mind and Umgi represents strength.

Taekwondo Ti (belt)

The Ti (belt) represents the purpose of the training and the degree of technique according to its color. The comparison of movement between people who have Dan or Kup represents the difference in the body movement and mind. The Ti (belt) that is tied around the waist connects the upper part and lower part of Taekwondo uniform and covers the center of the body. To wear the belt can help to deliver the power to the muscle that connect Meongmunhyul (acupunture point) of waist and body center of lower abdomen.

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