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Yook Jang (Water) - Blue Belt, Red Stripe
Taegeuk 6 Jang symbolizes the "Kam", one of the 8 divination signs, which represents water, meaning incessant flow and softness. New movements are han-sonnal-olgul-bakkat-makki, dollyo-chagi, olgul-bakkat-makki and batang-son-momtong-makki in addition to pyonhi-seogi [at-ease stance]. One should be careful to make the kicking foot land on the ground correctly after dyollyo-chagi and to lower the hand by a palm's length at the time of delivering a batang-son momtong-makki lower than in the palmok-makki. This is practiced by the 3rd Kup-graders.

New Actions:

  • Han-sonnal-olgul-bakkat-makki

  • Dollyo-chagi

  • Olgul-bakkat-makki

  • Batang-son-momtong-makki

  • Pyonhi-seogi [at-ease stance]

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