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Oh Jang (Wind)- Blue Belt
Taegeuk 5 Jang symbolizes the "Son", one of the 8 divination signs, which represent the wind, meaning both mighty force and calmness according to its strength and weakness. New movements are me-jumeok-maeryo-chigi, palkup-dollyo-chigi, yop-chagi & yop-jireugi, palkup-pyo-jeok-chigi and such stances as kkoa-seogi, wen-seogi and oreun-seogi. This is characterized by the successive makkis such as area-makki and momtong-makki and also the chigi by thumbling after running. The 4th Kup-grade trainees practice this poomsae.  

New Actions:

  • Me-jumeok-maeryo-chigi

  • Palkup-dollyo-chigi

  • Yop-chagi

  • Yop-jireugi

  • Palkup-pyo-jeok-chigi

  • Kkoa-seogi

  • Wen-seogi

  • Oreun-seogi

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