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Sa Jang (Thunder) - Green Belt, Blue Stripe
Taegeuk 4 Jang symbolizes the "Jin", one of the 8 divination signs, which represent the thunder meaning great power and dignity. New techniques are sonnal-momtong-makki, pyon-son-kkeut-jireugi, jebipoom-mok-chigi, yop-chagi, momtong- bakkat-makki, deung-jumeok-olgul-apchigi and mikkeurombal [slipping foot] techniques. Various movements in preparation for the kyorugi and lot of dwit-kubi cases characterize it. The 5th Kup-grade trainees practice this poomsae.

New Actions:

  • Sonnal-momtong-makki

  • Pyon-son-kkeut-jireugi

  • Jebipoom-mok-chigi, yop-chagi

  • Momtong- bakkat-makki

  • Deung-jumeok-olgul-apchigi

  • Mikkeurombal [slipping foot] techniques

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