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Poomsae Pyongwon


Poomsae Pyongwon
Pyongwon means a plain that is a vast stretched-out land. It is the source of life for all the creatures and the field where human beings live their life. The poomsae Pyongwon was based on the idea of peace and struggle resulting from the principles of origin and use.

New Actions:

The new techniques introduced in this poomsae are palkup-ollyo-chigi, kodureo- olgul-yop-makki, dangkyo-teok-jireugi, meongye-chigi, hecho-santeul-makki, etc. The jumbi-seogi is the moa-seogi-wen-kyop-son [left overlapping hands], which requires concentration of force in the beginning and source of human life. The line of poomsae means the origin and transformation of the plain.

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