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Poomsae Chonkwon


Poomsae Chonkwon
The word "Chonkwon" means the Heaven's Great Mighty, which is the origin of all the creature and itself the cosmos. Its infinite competence signifies the creation, change and completion. Human beings have used the name of Heaven for all principal earthly shapes and meanings because they felt afraid of the Heaven's mighty. Over 4,000 years ago, the founder of the Korean people, "Hwanin" meant the heavenly King. He settled down in the "heavenly" town as the capital near the heavenly sea and heavenly mountain, where the Han people as the heavenly race gave birth to the proper through and action from which Taekwondo was originated. The poomsae Chunkwon is based on such sublime history and thoughts  

New Actions:

The new techniques introduced in thtis poomsae are nalgae-pyogi [wing opening], bam-jumeok-sosum-chigi [knuckle protruding fist springing chigi], hwidullo-makki [swinging makki], hwidullo-jabadangkigi [swinging and drawing], keumgang-yop-jireugi, taesan-milgi, etc., and a crouched walking manner.

The characteristics of movements are large actions and arm sections forming gentle curves, thus symbolizing the greatness of Chunkwon thought. The poomsae line "T" symbolizes a man coming down from the heaven, submitting to the will of Heaven, being endowed power by the Heaven and worshiping the Heaven, which means the oneness between the Heaven and a human being.

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